Snow Day

It was a major snowstorm. A “bomb cyclone” with blizzard conditions.

Over 10 inches of snow engulfed our area. Our neighborhood lost electricity for 13 hours. Businesses were shut down, and school was canceled for six days. What a mess.

The snow was beautiful, though. But I was content to enjoy it through the window. I’ve played in enough snow in my lifetime. Zechariah, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get out there.

We’ve had big snowfalls before. Last year, in fact. Zechariah was able to play in the snow with two of his Rodil cousins — Lindsey, of course, and Julie, who was still home from college. They had great fun sledding down the hills near our house.

But this time, both Kristin and Julie were still home on winter break. With the school closure, Lindsey was also off. The girls spent a night at our house. Their plan the next day — to take advantage of the winter playground. So, Zechariah and all three of his “sisters” headed off for an afternoon in the snow.

When the four adventurers decided to head on out, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic to join them. I didn’t plan on sledding or making snow angels, but, somehow, I knew I would miss out on something special if I didn’t go.

I tagged along to document the outing with the camera on my phone. As I trudged behind the foursome, a wave of nostalgia hit me like a gust of the winter wind.

This might be the last snowfall the four will be able to spend together. Julie and Kristin were already away for school. But next year Lindsey will be off to college, too.

So, I captured the moment — four smiling faces filled with anticipation, just before Julie and Kristin slid down the slope on their boogie board.

As I stood in the freezing snow, the whoops and laughter of these wonderful children kept me warm.

I know there will be many occasions when the four of them will be together again. In fact, it happened just a few days later. But there’s something about playing in the snow. It evokes the carefree nature of childhood. When you still don’t mind getting cold and wet. When the fun far outweighs the discomfort and inconvenience.

Next winter season, Zechariah will still be home. But his cousins may not be. As I look at the wintery moment in time, I wonder who will be a “kid” with him during the next snow day.

And I also realize that his childhood will be gone soon enough.

I learned that day that I must seize every opportunity, no matter how wet or cold, to capture the precious moments for my memories…while those moments are still here.

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